Meet the artist

Photo by Samantha Thorley

I have always wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember. Hello, my name is Jennifer. I grew up in a small town in North Wales where I spent most of my childhood bug collecting, climbing trees and escaping into the world of books. Indulging into imaginary worlds I would draw characters in the margins of my schoolwork, write short stories about them and build them shoebox homes.

The pivotal moment came when I was 12 years old. After making two rabbits out of plasticine I used the family webcam to animate them playing football. It sparked a passion in me which naturally led me to study Animation. I graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts in 2011 with a BA in Animation.

Now living in the depths of Somerset I’ve continued my passion for model making by creating my very own bug companions. My trio of companions are called Cariad Bach, Gwenyn and Deri. My inspiration comes from a combination of everyday life and make believe. Their stories are shared regularly on my Instagram.

Along with designing characters I also construct paper buildings out of mount board. They can be based on anything from a local haunt to a favourite film. My latest building was based on the Cat Bureau of Studio Ghibili’s The Cat Returns.

My work has been shown in The Museum of Welsh Life at St.Fagans and Swansea Museum. I have worked with numerous clients such as Oasis Cardiff, African Community Centre, Itty Bitty Betty Productions and Gwenyn Hill Farm.

I am currently open to commissions, feel free to get in touch.